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What people have said about John’s work…


He must be a very good musician, because he listens so well

Bob Kaplan, author and Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University


A quirky originality

Jeremy Alsop, bassist/producer, The Lovers


What we do would be nothing without your music

Richard Hart, Dream Puppets


What a difference your creative work makes. Much better than I envisaged

Geoff Main, composer of musicals


Thank you so much for your positive presence

Lisa Edwards, vocalist, John Farnham band

“He’s the shit, man!

Brian Mannix, singer/entertainer


You have achieved exactly the ambience I desired. Well-pleased with your creations

Sean Kenan, shadow puppeteer


The track worked a treat. You are a gem JG.

Johnny Young, singer/songwriter/TV producer


Thanks for making my life so much easier

Colleen Hewett, singer


I saw John Grant on keys and thought: ‘This is going to be good’.

Tony Bishop, sound engineer


Discerning, without being overwhelming – exactly what I want

Megan Stellar, Rehearsal magazine editor


Grandmaster Grant – showing us how it’s done!

Jase FOS, producer, DJ, lighting designer


…Much more appealing than the repertoire in the past

Pauline Coates, woodwind instrumental teacher


Thank you John for your gifts

We’re digging your groove!

Peter Sheridan, performer on low flutes


You couldn’t be in better hands

Criston Barker, bassist/songwriter/producer/bandleader


I almost cried like a baby when I heard John’s first cut…

Noel Anderson, director of theatre and musicals


I’ve really enjoyed playing them!

Matthew Angus, on John’s bassoon pieces.