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John Grant, music arranger.

This profile can also be found at the Music Arrangers Guild website:

All levels of printed music production, from simple chord charts to full brass and orchestral arrangements.

All levels of audio production, from simple arrangements to finished broadcast-quality recording, in my home studio, or directing sessions at larger studios.

I spent two years working on Channel 9’s variety show “IMT” in 1998-99, arranging featured musical numbers for the live-to-air TV band. Artists included Helen Reddy, Petula Clark, Michael Cormick, Debra Byrne, Caroline O’Connor, The Wiggles, Jewel, Doug Parkinson, Colleen Hewitt, Sylvie Palladino, Vanetta Fields, and many more.

Since 1999 I have worked nearly every year on Channel 9’s Carols By Candlelight alongside legendary arranger Peter de Visser. Carols also uses a live-to-air orchestra. I have arranged most songs performed by Hi-Five, and songs for Tina Arena, Vannessa Amorossi, Sister2Sister, Patti Newton, The Five Rock Legends, and others. This work has included choir arrangements, full strings and other orchestral parts. Big-band-style work for various line-ups of The Five Rock Legends have included Wilbur Wilde, Ross Wilson, Russell Morris, Frankie J Holden, Wendy Stapleton, Joe Camelleri, and the Chantoozies.

For Channel 9’s Alan Border Medal, I have arranged songs for Jon Stevens and David Campbell.

For the Peter Sullivan Big Band, I have prepared charts for performances by Renee Geyer, Deborah Conway, John Paul Young, Lisa Edwards, Matt Hetherington, Chantelle Delaney, Bob Valentine, Ross Wilson, Steve Vizard, Jennifer Keyte, John Wood, Belinda Emmet, Shane Bourne, Lovinia Nixon, Tamsyn Lewis, The Oarsome Foursome, Simon Westaway, Gorgi Quill, Nick Gianopoulos, Hamish & Andy, Rob Mills, Andy and Brendan Fevola, Sam Newman, and many more.

For the Lord Mayor’s Command Performance, 2010, a benefit for entertainment industry charity Support Act, I prepared charts for performances by Kate Ceberano, Swanee, Denise Drysdale, Judith Durham, Bobby Andonov, Russell Morris, and Brian Cadd.

Other clients have included Hugh Jackman, Jerry Lewis, Mike Brady, Tracy Bartram, WTFN TV production, Big World Publishing, and Metropolis Studios.

I have acted as Musical Director for Colleen Hewitt, Mike Brady, Geoff Cox, Normie Rowe, Brian Cadd, Johnny Young, and various show bands. For the first run of new Australian musical “Audrey Hepburn And I Consider Our Assets”, I was engaged to arrange and record all songs, including sheet music and audio CD tracks, as well as organizing the band and performing MD duties.

Working in my home studio or any of the larger Melbourne recording studios, I have arranged and produced CD tracks, demo recordings, and printed music for innumerable songwriters and vocalists. I have composed and produced four 40-minute complete music soundtracks for theatre. I have composed, arranged, produced and recorded nearly a hundred music tracks for advertising and jingles, covering an extraordinary range of musical styles.

When John is on the job, you know everything is going to be all right

Wilbur Wilde, sax player and raconteur.

All the tunes now have a warm and compelling feel to them. Much better than I envisaged

Geoff Main, composer of musicals.

You have achieved exactly the ambience I desired. Well-pleased with your creations

Sean Kenan, shadow puppeteer

The track worked a treat. Another war won. You are a gem JG.

Johnny Young, singer/songwriter/TV producer